In most legal areas our fees are based on hourly rate for the proposed work. In Personal Injury cases we operate No Win No Fee arrangement and clients are not asked to pay any of our costs. In immigration matters we mostly have fixed fees. However, those depend on the complexity of the matter. Please contact us to obtain more detailed information.

We provide quotation of our fees before the start of work. We have three sets of fees depending upon the level of legal personnel required by the client. These charges start from £ 110 plus VAT per hour according to the expertise and experience of the Solicitor dealing with the matter.

We provide 10 minutes preliminary advice free in all matters.

In accordance with the new SRA transparency rules, please find below our basic fees:

Conveyancing (residential):

Freehold £695 – for simple cases

£795 – for cases involving complexities

Leasehold: £795 – for simple cases

£895 – for cases with more complex issues

These fees don’t include disbursements (i.e. Searches, Land Registry, Bank Charges). Additional and fixed fees will also be incurred if the property includes Probate

Probate (uncontested)

There are two charge rates in Probate cases:

A Grade Solicitors – £250 per hour

C+D Grade Fee earners – £170-£190 per hour

Estimated Costs for Probate cases stand at 1.5% of the Total Value of the Estate. For comparison, Trust corporations used by banks charge up to 6% of the Total Value of the Estate. Many solicitors charge between 2% and 3%.

Fixed fees cannot be offered in Probate cases.

Motoring Offences (summary offences)

Charge Rate – B/A Grade Solicitors – £180-£200 per hour

Fixed fees range from £1200 – £1800

Immigration (excluding asylum)

Charge rates are as follows:

C Grade – £180 per hour

D Grade – £150 per hour

Fixed fees can be estimated once the full facts of the case are known.

We would be happy to provide you with quotation. Please contact us on 020 8877 3421 for the details.

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