Civil Litigation

(1) A D V H I ( High Court)

Our client was a Nigerian citizen who purchased a house in London 25 years ago for £20,000. The seller died before the property could be legally transferred in the name of our client. The seller’s daughters refused to transfer the property into our client’s name for many years for one reason or the other. The client being in Nigeria and unable to pay solicitors fees was unable to get his house transferred into his name for over 25 years. The client was in 90’s and was unable to travel to London to pursue his expensive litigation. We took over his case under NO WIN NO FEE and won the case in High Court. Client has now sold his property for £ 600,000 and we have obtained our costs against the defendants.

(2) S A V PA ( High Court)

Our client’s brother died without making a will. His wife took over all his assets ( including property worth £ 1,4 Million; Bank accounts and shares – totaling 2.5 million assets). The wife refused to pay brothers’ share under Intestacy Rules which amounted to over £ 500,000. We have won the case in High Court and properties are being sold so that our client’s share in their brothers inheritance can pas to them. All our costs will be paid by the wife out of her share of the inheritance.

(3) A A S V Landlord ( County Court)

Our client had a 99 years lease from a landlord on his property worth £ 1.3 Million in Central London. The Landlord issued proceedings to forfeit the 99 lease on account of illegal use of the property. We represented our client in Central London County Court and won the case against forfeiture. The court ordered that the Landlord should pay our costs.

(4) R C v British Gas ( County Court )

Our client sued BG for illegal issue of bills and Bailiff action. We issued proceedings against B G and case was listed for trial when BG settled the case by paying damages and costs to our client.

(5) ACHL V N Q ( County Court)

The defendant owed our client a few thousand pounds of unpaid debt. We issued proceedings in county court and obtained Judgment for the debt, interest and our costs. We then placed a charging order against the defendant’s property. The defendant agreed to pay all debt and costs.

(6) W Motors V Bailiffs ( County Court)

Our clients were issued with unlawful penalty ticket in the sum of £40 which was against a motor car belonging to a customer. Our client refused to pay the penalty tickets as this did not belong to the Company car. Bailiffs entered the premises and removed goods worth £ 1,300. We represented our client and issued proceedings against the bailiffs for unlawful actions and entry. The County Court Judge gave decision in our clients’ favour ordering the Bailiffs to pay monies obtained and our costs of over £ 4,000.

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