Criminal Defence

(1) R v. A (Rape) [2013]

Our client was charged with the rape of a female who he was in a previous consensual sexual relationship with. Our client was remanded in custody following which we prepared a Crown Court Bail Application for our client in which we succeeded. We acted on the instructions of our client and prepared the defence case thoroughly by considering the instruction of nationally recognised medical experts specialising in the analysis of rape and sexual offence victims to potentially give evidence for the defence. We prepared our own independent mobile phone text message extraction whilst working closely with senior defence Counsel. It was discovered that the allegations against our client were false, after seven months of dedicated work preparing the defence case and a three day trial at the Old Bailey, our client was acquitted of all charges.

(2) R v. Y (Sexual Assault) [2013]

We represented a taxi driver who allegedly sexually assaulted a passenger. After failing to reach a verdict in our client’s first trial in 2012, the jury were discharged and a re-trial scheduled to take place in February 2013. Again, we prepared for fully for re-trial and instructing experienced defence Counsel to represent our client. We collated witness statements from dignified religious leaders who were to give evidence for the defence at trial. Following a three day re-trial, a separate jury were again unable to reach a verdict and our client was ultimately acquitted of the charge against him and no second re-trial was ordered.

(3) R v. H (Honour Assault x3) [2013]

We represented three members of a family settled in the United Kingdom from Afghanistan. Our clients were charged with common assault against another family member motivated by the alleged victim’s refusal to conform to strong family values and religious belief. The crime alleged was flagged by the Crown as being an “honour” crime of violence which increased the seriousness of the allegations against our clients. We prepared the defence case in detail obtaining witness statements from other family members and instructed Counsel to represent each individual client at trial. After a full day trial in the Magistrates Court in front of the District Judge, all three defendants were acquitted of all charges.

(4) R v. H (Domestic Violence) [2013]

Our client was charged with common assault on his girlfriend. This was one of two separate allegations against our client. Our client was, being on licence at the time of the alleged offences, was immediately recalled into custody on the basis of the two allegations against him. We discovered that the Crown had a potential witness who was unwilling to co-operate with the police and an alleged victim who had made a withdrawal statement to the police one week after the initial allegation was made. It was therefore clear the allegation against our client was false and fuelled by jealousy and resentment. We therefore submitted our grounds to the Crown as to why the case ought to be discontinued. We received a letter from the Crown shortly thereafter confirming that the prosecution against our client had ceased. We are currently working on our clients release from custody.

(5) R v. J (Murder)

Our client was charged with murder with four other co-defendants. All co-defendants were convicted of the offence of murder whilst our client was acquitted after a lengthy trial. We worked hard to obtain witnesses from Abroad and 12 medical reports addressing the Defendant’s various physical and mental health issues. The Prosecution dismissed the charges against our client in the face of strong defence evidence.

(6) R v. M (Rape x5)

Our client was alleged to have raped his wife five times. We independently investigated the allegations and found that the complainant had lied in order to remain in UK by getting conviction against her husband as she was forced into marriage by her parents whom she did not like. We conducted detailed investigations and obtained overwhelming evidence to demonstrate the false allegations against our client following which we submitted this evidence to Court and Prosecution. The Crown Prosecution Service dropped all charges on the very first court hearing in Crown Court.

(7) R v. Z (Attempted Murder)

Our client was charged with the attempted murder of his wife. We defended him and hired Sir Desmond De Silva QC as his barrister. After a lengthy trial the client was acquitted of attempted murder.

(8) R v. P (Rape)

Our client’s ex girlfriend made rape allegations against him out of jealousy against his partner who was pregnant with his baby. We had to make extensive investigations, contact several witnesses, obtain their statements and present a strong case to the Crown Prosecution Service. The Prosecution withdrew the charge against our client before the case went to the Crown Court and client was released from prison.

(9) R v. P (Confiscation Proceedings)

The client brought £700,000 from abroad and deposited the sum into his bank accounts. These monies were confiscated by the Police as Proceeds of Crime under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA). We had to obtain huge amount of financial documents and witness statements from abroad to prove the legitimacy of the monies. The client and his wife were arrested and interviewed at the police station. After 6 months, we obtained all funds plus interest after the monies were released by the Police.

(10) R v. C (Fraud x18)

The client was alleged to have stolen monies from his employer by producing false invoices. We independently investigated the financial documents and proved that the fraud could have been committed by any of the many other employees working with our client. We subsequently secured the acquittal of our client on the first day of trial.

(11) R v. P (Robbery)

Our client was charged with three others of robbing two complainants. We investigated the CCTV evidence at the scene, took photographs of the crime scene and demonstrated that our client was not at the scene of crime. We also conducted cell site analysis to show that our client was on telephone to his mother at the relevant time of the offence and as such could have not been involved in robbery. Our client was acquitted whereas his co-defendants were convicted.

(12) R v. S & ors (Threats to Kill)

We represented 2 brothers as co-defendants charged with counts of threats to kill. We instructed Counsel in this matter where our clients pleaded not guilty to all charges. It was discovered at trial that the evidence of the alleged victim was unreliable and clear inconsistencies were identified within her evidence. We further discovered that the alleged victim had an ulterior motive for bringing such allegations against our clients which we raised in court, following which both defendants were acquitted of the charged offences.

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