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1. Re Case of M S

The client suffered injuries to his legs when he was struck by a car while he was driving his motor cycle at midnight after finishing his shift at a Pizza shop. He lost his job and earning ability for three years following the accident. Most of his damages were from loss of earnings. The liability was disputed but admitted after 3 years with contributory negligence by our client. The matter was set fro trial after four years when the defendant Insurers settled the case by an offer of £ 96,000 Plus costs . Our costs were fully paid by the defendant Insurers and client received full £ 96,000 in damages.

2. Re Case of F (a child aged 9 years)

F was crossing road when a fast moving car hit her causing her to receive injuries to her leg and back. The defence Insurers disputed liability stating that it was fault of the child as she crossed the road without looking right and left. We engaged three experts who prepared reports on Child’s injuries. We also researched previous cases and argued that child was contributory negligent but the Injured driver could not escape being negligent. A few months before the trial the defendant insurers agreed to pay £ 18,000 on basis of 80% contributory negligence by the child. We were paid our costs by the Defendant Insured and the child received her full damages.

3. Re Case of G

G was a scaffolder who fell from height due to the defective material. Most of the damages consisted of loss of earnings as G was out work for many months. He was unable to work in building trade and had to work at lower wages in alternative work. He therefore lost earnings over a period of 4 years . The defendant Insurers did not accept liability for over two years. Eventually they agreed to pay G £ 32,000 Plus costs. G received his full damages as our costs were paid in full by the Insurers.

4. Re Case of J W

JW had a car accident and received whiplash injuries. She did not suffer any loss of earnings. She received moderate whiplash injuries only. The Insurers admitted liability at an early stage. JW received £6,000 in damages and we received our costs from the defendant Insurers.

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