Road Traffic Accident Claims

We have helped many clients to obtain good damages for their injuries and can do the same for you.

Recent cases:

  1. In case of B client was a front seat passenger in a car which had a collision with the defendant’s car. Client suffered soft tissues injuries; muscular injuries and fracture in his left wrist. We pursued a claim against the defendant driver; and client was reward £ 10,500.00 plus our costs. We did not deduct anything from client’s damages.
  2. In case of Ms. L a minor of age 8 had an accident when she was crossing a road and hit by a speeding car. She sustained a fracture in her leg as in result of this accident. Court awarded £17,100.00 in full and final damages.
  3. In case of A B client was a lorry driver when she had a head on collision with a bus. As a result she sustained whiplash injuries, a muscular damage to the right arm and an early miscarriage. We obtained £16,000 plus our costs.

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