Your Will is the most important documents you will prepare in your life. In order to ensure your wishes are adhered to after your demise, we can help you draft a Will according to your needs so that you can have the peace of mind.

(1) In the Case of B and C

In case of Mr B and Ms C the couple were living together but were not married. Mr B and Ms C had bought a property together but held it as tenants in common. Ms C had put a deposit towards the property and the couple wanted to make a division in the Wills representative of the contributions made by each party. We prepared their Wills taking into consideration their wishes.

(2) IN the case of Mrs J

In the case of Mrs J, who was an elderly lady we prepared a Will after confirmation of mental capacity from a psychiatrist. Mrs J had various items and property that she wanted to leave to various members of the family. There were concerns regarding her health so that an examination and a report by a psychiatrist was done. The Will was then signed in the presence of the psychiatrist who confirmed Mrs J’s mental capacity on the date of the execution of the Will.

(3) In the case of C F

The client was properties worth over £ 5 Million Pounds. He had three children and several grandchildren. The Will was prepared to cater for the needs of all children and grandchildren. Trusts were created within the Will in order to save Inheritance Tax consequences.

(4) In the case of S F ( Muslim Sharia Will)

The client had married second time and wanted to cater for the needs of his children from previous marriage. He also wanted to make a provision for some charities overseas.

(5) In the case of J S

Client wanted to move overseas and prepare a Will with consequences for their successors in case of any eventuality. We were asked to administer his estate in UK on their instructions from overseas.

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