Conveyancing Lawyer

What we do

We offer a variety of experience and high standard of quality service in our department. Services include:

Residential Conveyancing – We act for both the Purchaser and the Vendor in residential Conveyancing transactions. When there is a mortgage involved we act on behalf of the lender too.

  1. Unregistered Land – Where the property has not before been registered with HM Land Registry. This may occur directly out of a probate matter in which case we act on behalf of the executor. Unregistered land usually is a longer process contrary to the additional searches and investigation of title.
  2. Registered Land – A standard residential conveyance

Landlord and Tenant – We act for the Landlord, the Tenant and a Thrid party Buyer where there is an existing lease.

  1. Granting of a Commercial Lease
  2. Assignment of a Commercial Lease
  3. Residential long Lease


The firm’s employees pride themselves on a sound professional legal background and have all been educated to the highest level within Property law and practice. We offer a high threshold of legal knowledge as well as well as understanding our client’s needs and maintaining good customer care.


Conveyancing can be a lengthy and stressful process and we understand that clients can sometimes be very keen to complete as early as possible. We act both diligently to ensure accuracy in the transaction and quickly to ensure the process isn’t unnecessarily delayed.

You’re always kept informed

Considering there is a large some of money behind every transaction we fully appreciate client will be very keen to regularly be updated in the process. We understand this and update our clients regularly throughout the transaction to ensure they are fully aware of everything that is going on.

Personalised service

Legal terminology can sometimes be a bit of an issue for individuals who do not fully understand Conveyancing terminology. As well as maintaining professional standards, we ensure that all our clients understand the meanings behind all the jargon that is thrown at them. We accommodate each client according to their understanding of the law.

As well as fluency in the English Language, members of our firm also speak other languages fluently which may be an option that may provide the best personalised service.


We realise that since the recession has hit the UK, the real estate market has taken a turn for the worst. Conveyancing transactions are now limited in number and investors are now looking for good value for money. We offer a quality service at a competitive rate. Not many firms can match us for our fees.

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