Crown Court

The Crown Court is the Court responsible for dealing with all ‘indictable only’ offences transferred from the Magistrates’ Court, and either way offences either committed by the Magistrates’ or elected by the defendant from the Magistrates’ Court. The Crown Court has the power to hear Appeals against sentence and/or conviction from the Magistrates’ Court.

The Crown Court has the power to impose a maximum sentence of life imprisonment upon defendants convicted of the most serious offences such as murder and/or manslaughter. The Crown Court affords a defendant a trial by a jury of his peers, which is often the preferred mode of trial by defendants when faced with choosing between a Crown Court trial or a Magistrates Court trial.

Crown Court proceedings are more formal than Magistrates’ Court proceedings and all hearings in the Crown Court are presided over by a Judge wearing a traditional wig and gown.

In a typical Crown Court trial, the sworn jury are the judges of fact and the presiding Judge deals with all matters and directions of law. The jury listen to and analyse all evidence presented in Court by both prosecution and defence Counsel and return after deliberations with a verdict of ‘guilty’ or ‘not guilty’ upon the defendant based on the evidence presented in Court. If a defendant pleads guilty to an offence at the Crown Court, the defendant will be sentenced by the Judge alone.

At Southfields Solicitors, we understand that important values such as your reputation, freedom, career and family life could be jeopardised by Crown Court proceedings and therefore we can be sure to sensitively and professionally deal with your specific issue. We frequently instruct senior Counsel to attend Crown Court hearings on behalf of many of our clients; therefore you can be sure that we are experienced in handling all types of Crown Court matters. We will endeavour prepare the best defence for you in court and fight your corner to secure the best possible outcome for you in Court.


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