Personal Injury Claims

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Our Personal Injury Department consists of experienced solicitors who deal with your case on genuine No Win No Fee Basis whether you win or lose.

We cover accidents in the workplace, RTAs (driver/passenger/pedestrian, motorcyclist/cyclist), brain and head injury claims, child injury claims, claims against other solicitors who are at fault, food poisoning, product malfunctions as well as trips/slips and falls.

Many Companies will charge you a fee or a percentage from your damages (No Win No Fee). We do not as we obtain our fees from the Defendant’s Insurers. Even if the Defence Insurers do not pay our full fees we will not ask you to pay us the shortfall.

We have obtained damages for our clients varying from £6,000 to £96,000 in recent cases. We are able to provide references should you wish to speak to some of our satisfied clients.

How much compensation can you recieve?

Upon your instructions we can provide you immediately with an estimated sum of how much compensation you can expect to recover, which we calculate according to the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines.

The level of compensation will depend on the amount of losses and expenses (e.g. Loss of Earnings, Medical/Travel expenses and general Cost of your care) you incur in addition to the nature of the of the injury you sustain. Our aim is always to maximise the level of compensation you will ultimately receive.

Recoverable losses include

  • loss or reduction of earnings
  • insurance policy excess
  • travelling expenses
  • adapted accommodation
  • prescription charges and medical fees
  • vehicle damage / repair costs
  • costs of assistance for household chores
  • out of pocket expenses such as telephone calls, letters, etc.
  • damage to property eg: clothing, glasses, etc
  • public transport costs eg: bus or taxi fares
  • cost of care and assistance in the home
  • therapies

If you have suffered a Personal Injury Accident in the last 3 years, why not speak to one of our expert Personal Injury Lawyers on 0208 877 3421 for free advice.

We provide expert legal advice nationally across England and Wales. We also pursue Personal Injury Claims for clients who live abroad but suffered Personal Injury accidents whilst on holiday or as students in the UK.

We also conduct Civil Litigation on No Win No Fee basis. For example where you are owed debt by anyone or you are being wrongfully sued for a debt. You will only pay towards Court fees and disbursements (Counsel Fees) and all our fees will be recovered from the Defendants. We may also defend your case on a No Win No Fee Basis. You will need to pay an initial assessment fee from £100 (depending upon the complexity of the case) for us to evaluate if we are able to take your case on No Win No Fee Basis.

We belong to the APIL organisation (Association for Personal Injury Lawyers).

Road Traffic Accidents

Road Traffic Accidents are the most common type of Personal Injury Claim. We have a dedicated team of specialist PI lawyers who ensure that you can obtain your compensation as soon as possible. We aim to complete our Road Traffic Accidents claims within 6 months from your instructions.

We can act on behalf of pedestrians hit by cars/motor cycles or Motorcyclists hit by cars or who encounter potholes and suffer an accident or Drivers and Passengers in cars who suffer injury.

The vast majority of car accidents result in minor damage to the car and low level injuries such as whiplash following low velocity impacts to the car. In a small proportion of accidents more serious injuries such as spinal injuries, brain injuries and multiple fractures occur.

What to do following a car accident

If the car accident is minor you will need to note down the following details to ensure you to begin work with the necessary insurers. You should:

  • Note the time and date of the car accident
  • Gather contact details of those involved in the car accident
  • Take down details of the vehicles in the car accident
  • Note the insurance details of all drivers involved
  • Make a record of weather conditions at the time of the car accident
  • Identify and photograph all damage to vehicles involved in the car accident

Work place accidents

Accidents at work occur for a wide range of reasons. Examples can range from employees having to move heavy pieces of furniture around the office, causing back/muscular injury or employees catching their fingers in heavy security machines/doors to employees just falling off an unsecured ladder causing severe injury.

There are over 130,000 work related accidents reported each year. We provide you with expert legal advice and we deal with your employers Insurers, so as to avoid any unnecessary tension with your employers.

We make sure to include in your compensation any Loss or Reduced Loss of Earnings you have suffered as a result of your accident.

Other personal injury claims

Our accident lawyers are experts in ensuring that our clients receive full compensation for their loss of earnings that resulted from the accident. We compile evidence on behalf of our clients and provide full calculations to establish the amount of earnings that have been lost due to factors such as time off work or time spent undergoing rehabilitation.

Along with clients loss of earnings compensation we work to analyse the impact that injuries have on clients continuing to be employed in their previous role. If, our clients have only been able to perform lighter duties after returning to work, then this is taken into account when calculating your lost earnings.

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