Accidents and Illnesses Abroad

It happens that whilst abroad on holidays or for work or study purposes, you might suffer injury or illness which brings very unpleasant experience. If you suffered an injury or illness abroad due to someone’s negligence or fault, you might be able to recover damages as other countries usually have law in place which protects people from being negligently hurt.

It is very important that once having an accident you immediately seek medical assistance to record your injuries and avoid any further complications. You should also obtain all the contact details of the witnesses and take a photograph of the defect or place of the accident if possible.

If you would like to obtain professional advice as to the possible compensation you might be entitled to, please speak to one of our personal injury lawyers who will be happy to assist you.  You should contact us at your earliest convenience so that we will be able to advise you on prospects of success of your matter and steps you should take.

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