Industrial Disease Claims

A lot of people develop different illnesses because their employers have not provided proper conditions of work and breached their duty of care to the employees. Examples of inappropriate work conditions include, but are not limited to, exposure to dust, excessive noise, asbestos, chemicals etc. Unsafe working environment could lead to short term illnesses or longer disabilities and sometimes permanent incapacity.

People may develop lung problems, headaches, skin problems, loss of hearing, eye problems, different types of cancer etc. All the above incapacities, especially those lasting for a prolonged period, can result in loss of job and psychological problems and stress.

If you developed disease because you were not provided with safe working environment you might be able to claim compensation for the disability you developed and all other losses you have suffered as a result, such as loss of income, cost of care, psychological problems etc.

We have experienced lawyers who have dealt with industrial disease claims and will be happy to assist you with your matter. If you want to get advice as to the prospects of success of your claim and possible compensation you might obtain, please contact us on 020 8877 3421 or by email.

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